What is Snoring?

Snoring is very common and usually isn't caused by anything serious. 

However, when  sleep deprivation impacts the daily daily lives of both the snorer and those around them, it's time to do something about it!

Causes of snoring

Snoring is caused by things such as your tongue, mouth, throat or airways in your nose vibrating as you breathe.

It happens because these parts of your body relax and narrow when you're asleep.

You're more likely to snore if you:

  • are overweight
  • smoke
  • drink too much alcohol
  • sleep on your back

Sometimes it's caused by a condition like sleep apnoea, which is when your airways become temporarily blocked as you sleep.

Symptoms from snoring include daytime drowsiness, irritability , lack of focus and decreased libido! 

It has also been suggested that it can cause significant psychological and social damage to sufferers.  Multiple studies reveal a positive correlation between loud snoring and risk of heart attack (about +34% chance) and stroke (about +67% chance).

Treatment for snoring depends on the cause

Cause: Tongue partially blocking the back of your throat

Solution: A device you wear in your mouth to bring your tongue forward (mandibular advancement device)

Cause: Mouth falling open when you're asleep: 

Solution: A chin strap to hold your mouth closed, or a device you wear in your mouth to make you breathe through your nose while you sleep (vestibular shield)

Cause: Blocked or narrow airways in your nose

Solution: Special devices (nasal dilators) or strips that hold your nose open while you sleep, or sprays to reduce swelling inside your nose

Whatever the cause of your snoring, Acusnore have a solution for you!