The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings
The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings
The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings
The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings
The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings
The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings
The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings
The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings

The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings

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The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Rings

The Acusnore anti snore ring is a drug free device that helps to relieve snoring problems. Each ring uses acupressure by applying pressure on specific points on your little finger. The unique device uses three acupressure points. The proven ancient theory brings about superior benefits not only eliminating snoring but working in harmony with your body's bio rhythms. It's a natural hassle-free way of getting a great night's sleep. How it works is backed up by medical research studies and genuine customer reviews. The Acusnore anti snore ring works by combing the positive effects of acupressure with the benefits that copper has on the body.

Acupressure - Medical philosophy shows a link between acupressure points and sites of a multi layered and complex nervous system. Neurons from branches of the central nervous system are responsible for the activation of muscles which support the normal upper airway patency. The ulnar nerve which is directly connected to the little finger is easily activated by pressure. This nerve belongs to the peripheral nervous system and its main function is to connect the central nervous system to the limbs and organs of the body.

Copper - Medical experts have verified that metal worn on the skin can change the way that the blood flows through the body. This Acusnore anti snore ring just like the human body has electromagnetic qualities. The ionic forces have the power to change our energy level and the flow of blood. Studies have shown that metal has a strong healing effect. It is used to heal our muscles joints and bones. It's a great holistic alternative that has the power to balance our body and the way that we take in oxygen. The rings have a Acu-Activator located on the outer edge of the ring. 

Which Hand? - Left hand for women right hand for men. Around 40% of the adult population are affected by snoring so whatever the reason for you or your partner's snoring you are certainly not alone! If you start your day tired and irritable, your relationship suffers, your work suffers and if you're driving tired you will be putting yourself and others at unnecessary risk. Want a simple suggestion? All you have to do is place the ring on your little finger (right hand for men left for women usually works best) ideally an hour before bedtime. The acupressure stimulator on the inside of the ring acts on a sensitive spot on the snorer's finger which is on the outer side at the base of the finger between the knuckle and base.

Further Explanation - This therapeutic ring uses acupressure, a tried and tested method over the past 3500 years! The raised part on the inside of the ring acts when correctly positioned on one of the meridian lines in the little finger of the snorer. It uses age-old principle of acupressure specifically the principle of Tuina which is a form of oriental bodywork used in China. It's a combination of massage acupressure and other forms of body manipulation. Tuina is a form of reflexology that has a history pre-dating any conventional western medicine by thousands of years. Flexible ring. To make your anti snore ring work for you all you have to do is put it on about an hour before you go to bed correctly position the acupressure stimulator and give the ring one gentle squeeze to apply pressure.

This ring is manufactured from copper with a magnetised acupressure block and silver plated .

Small Size: 15mm to 17mm diameter inside the ring.

Medium Size:
 17mm to 19mm diameter inside ring.

Large Size: 19mm to 22mm diameter inside ring.

The rings can be adjusted 1 or 2 mm to fit by simply pulling apart gently.

For a large anti snore ring please see the link below and select the option below:

"Large with Mini Purple Bag"

Snoring Aid.

Natural & Adjustable.

Each Acupressure Ring Targets Acupressure Points.

No drugs, Annoying Patches or Sprays.

Snoring Prevention Improves Overall Health and Daily Concentration.


Snoring Ring.

Drawstring Bag.

Instruction Book.